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It started in 1991 when Nina took some singing lessons and started writing and performing her own songs. Then in 1993-1994 she did a sound engineering course and took control of the plugs and wires and found the thing she liked best of all was constructing sounds with synthesisers.

Nina then formed a band with Jane Webster - which over 4 years mutated from Gas to Aphid Frenzy and finally emerged as Satellite Pocket Radio which put out a 4-track CD called ‘Dim’, and in 2000 an album called ‘Dim’.

In 2003 Nina did a performance art piece with Jane called ‘The Kitchen Sank’ which was a homage to British kitchen sink drama/cinema of the late fifties/early sixties. The piece was performed at ‘Hip Replacement’ - a monthly multimedia event run at the time by Manchester alternative music legend Edward Barton.

Nina was then asked to collaborate with the experimental theatre company Stan’s Café. She has been composing music for this company since 1996, and work to date has included:

In 2005 Nina wrote music for the interactive project ‘Walk With Me’, a sound-piece about the life of an urban park with dialogue by Kate Chapman and Charlotte Goodwin.

Since 2000 Nina has also continued to produce solo work, including an album of songs called ‘Music for Imagined Scenes’.

Forthcoming and ongoing work