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A startling, dark mix of noise-gathering (a less frantic bomb the bass effect) and rock guitar that could match Hawkwind at their most innovative. The voice is bleak and sometimes brittle. Take the track 'Chanson' and think of a ruined French diva playing the organ to herself in a bombed-out city church while a car outside blasts dance beats and a short-wave radio on the front pew hisses interference.
    Dr Helen Pendry (performance artist and lecturer in cultural studies) on DIM by Satellite Pocket Radio.

Nina's fertile imagination and tremendous visual sense feed into her music, she understands exactly how music should work in theatre. She combines an intelligent grasp of the show's drive with an instinctual empathy for its emotional subtext. She has the courage to made bold choices and her impish sense of fun means she is apt to surprise you with something that you initially think won't work but which in practice reveals itself to be the perfect solution for a problem you didn't recognise you had. Her innate modesty allows her music to contribute hugely to a show without drawing undue attention to itself.

Nina is currently working on the soundtrack for our new show The Cleansing of Constance Brown. Her presence in the devising team is a comfort to us all.
    James Yarker, Director, Stan's Cafe